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Allez à la fougère

Allez à la fougère (track 1 from my album Looping Through Time) is originally found as the lower texted voice of the combinative chanson Sans jamais/Allez à la fougère. The text exhorts a lover to create a nest in the bracken and rushes by the river.

When Adam Delved

When Adam Delved (track 5 on my album Looping Through Time) is a new song to an old tune. The original tune Stella Splendens comes from a collection of songs for pilgrims to sing in the monastery of Monserat. This new version is about the 14thc preacher John Ball.

"English Dance" - live in Lexden

Filmed by Erik Martens at my first concert at Lexden Arts Festival in April 2017. This arrangement of a 13thc tune is my tribute to the Mediteranean tradition of solo shawm playing with its vibrant riffs and rhythms.

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