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The Shawm Shop

For shawms & chalumeaux by Erik Martens as well as my reeds and a range of accessories.


Engaging and spirited performances of Medieval and Renaissance wind music on shawms, bagpipes, curtals and recorders.

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Colchester Early Music

Monthly concerts at St Andrew's Church Marks Tey, featuring small professional Early Music groups including some of those mentioned below.

The York Waits

Playing the music and instruments of the 15th-17thc Waits in York both in concert and on the city streets.


The Colchester Waits

Recreating the civic band of Colchester as it would have been in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, only with a unlimited number of amateur players!

Wyldes Noyse

A fun, flexible family band providing popular music on authentic instruments from the Darks Ages to the Age of Enlightenment and beyond.

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