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Consort of 1: News


Live-looped Early Music

Consort of 1 is my solo project combining Medieval and Renaissance music, played on historical instruments with modern live-looping technology. My CD "Looping Through Time is available from the Shop page, and you can see some examples of my performances and recordings on the videos page.

I've performed as Consort of 1 in a wide range of settings including formal concerts, background music and pub sessions. If you think Consort of 1 might be what you're looking for for your event then here are some examples of the kinds of things I've got ready to roll out for you:


Looping Through Time

"A really great gig: lovely music, wonderful instruments & inspired use of looping. Can't wait for the next one!"

- Mike Parker, facebook

Based on my debut album, this is a concert programme that showcases exciting live-looped arrangements of up-beat  dances, soulful songs and catchy melodies, played on a wide range of instruments. For shorter concerts (up to 1 hour) there is a choice of "The Medieval set" - which covers the 13th-15th centuries on bagpipes, medieval fiddles, recorder and pipe & tabor, or "The Renaissance set" of music from the 16th & 17th centuries on shawms, curtal, recorders, violin and percussion. For a full-length evening concert these two sets become the two halves of the show.


Party like it's 1599!

Tudor court meets early music disco. This format makes use of a caberet layout to encourage people not just to listen to the historical melodies but to move with the music. Some historical dances will be taught or called, others will be left open for people to listen, drink or to take to the dance floor and free-style. A small scale version of this is possible as a solo show but for a truely spectacular event it's worth booking a caller or setting up a collaboration with local dance groups.

John Ball at Mile End from Jean Froissart, Chronicles (c. 1470) 2.jpg

Firestarter - John Ball and the Great Revolt

A collaboration with story teller Clare Goodall. Music from the 14th century provides the backdrop to the tale of the Great Revolt and radical preacher John Ball. Born near Colchester (maybe?), Ball preached in English (shocking!) and claimed that everyone was created equal (scandalous!!). He was excommunicated and would have languished in jail had he not been released by the Rebels as they took London, burnt the Savoy, and went on to parley with the King. The future hung in the balance...


The Alehouse set

Designed for pubs and clubs, this set of catchy tunes and clever catches is performed on a basic looping set-up and small bundle of the more practical  instruments (chalumeaux, recorder, bones...) Laid back and informal, this is entertainment for all, as long as you don't mind a little bit of adult humor.

Also available to promoters booking more formal concerts as an extra feature to help get the word out.

Ma fin est.png

Ma fin est mon commencement

Some of the most fascinating and complex music of the 14th century, with compositional techniques we commonly associate with 20th century modernism: canons, inversions, prolation, hockets and isorhythm... The results are remarkably beautiful and the effect often quite serene. This music is very well suited to the live-looping set-up which allows us to hear the individual layers of each piece as they slot together. For variety's sake there'll also be a couple of the 14th century's catchiest tunes!


Educational work, background music & events

Live-looped early music can also be used in schools and historical venues to teach about Medieval music and instruments. The recorded/looped music can be left running while I interact with pupils or public, teaching them songs & dances and even letting them try their hand at some of the instruments. I can also provide music for banquets, weddings and other events.

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